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Cheap hostels


Budget hostels and rooming houses

At Destinia, we offer a vast number of lodging options of all kinds. Some of the most popular ones are those that offer guests affordable rates per person and per night. In this regard, special mention should be made of hostels and rooming houses. What better way to enjoy your holiday than by investing the money you save on lodging in various leisure and entertainment options at each destination? The most economical choice is to stay at a hostel.

In accommodations of this type, the rooms offer the conveniences of a hotel, but generally at more affordable prices to suit any budget. Enter your holiday destination in our search engine to find the best options in hostels and rooming houses, compare features and prices and choose the one you like the most. You won't regret it!

Centrally-located hostels

For many people, price isn't the only important thing; so is location. Are you one of those people? If you are, you might be interested in staying at a centrally-located hostel, as it offers the perfect combination of affordable prices and convenience, allowing you to enjoy the tourist attractions at your holiday destination without having to rely on transportation. If this sounds good to you, you?re in luck! There are many hostels that are situated right in the heart of a tourist area.

Don?t forget to use the location filter and look at the distance of each hostel from the city centre. In many cases, staying at one of these hostels will help you save more money, as you?ll be able to reach most of the points of interest on foot, without having to pay for a taxi or use public transportation, such as busses, trains or the underground.

Hostels in Destinia

Hostels near the beach

On the other hand, if you?d like to spend your next holiday at a coastal destination, the location you?d be most interested in would be, without a doubt, a hostel right on the shore. These shorefront accommodations are perfect those who love aquatic sports or those looking to spend their days enjoying the pleasures of the beach, taking a dip in the sea, walking along the shore or watching the sunset from the sand. Do you like that idea? Then, don?t hesitate to make your reservations for a hostel on the beach.

Enter your coastal destination in our hostel and rooming house search engine and see what?s located near the beach. You can find affordable rates per person and per night by booking this type of lodging and, at the same time, you?ll be able to enjoy the luxury of having the beach just a short walk away from your room. Are you going to miss out on your chance? There?s no reason to wait any longer to embark on the holiday you?ve been dreaming of for so long. Make your hostel reservations now at the best price and with the maximum guarantee by taking advantage of the offers on Destinia. You won?t want to go home!